Education Programme of NESWSD constitutes of Literacy Elementary Education, Supplementary Education, Digital Literacy and Back-to-School. Attainment of literacy and elementary competencies by the out-of-school children in the age-group to re-start attending schools is found to be boosting their aspiration and motivation. This year we held a survey in our operational areas to find the number of out-of-school children from the marginalized communities in our project areas. Approximately 1000 children were identified through this survey. We are now looking for bringing these children under literacy programme either through Supplementary Education Centres or some other educational intervention wherein they would be able to access primary education and then have continued education.

The Literacy and Elementary Education Programme operates through all the Supplementary Education Centers both rural and urban. We are focussing and concentrating on Dalit Community Groups and Most Marginalized Groups. Along with preparing the children with elementary competencies we also ensure that the parents have developed the interest and motivation in sending their children to schools for continued education. After the COVID 19 Pandemic while opening new centres in various locations; we have strictly looked for Dalit and other Most Marginalized Community Tolas/Settlements and have prioritized enrolment of non-school going children from these communities for enrolment.