Adolescent and youth Support

We have a number of adolescent and youth focussed programme interventions. Youth counselling, Career Guidance, Personality Training, Leadership Training etc. have been prime interventions of the organization in the past years as well. From the past couple of years we have also introduced Self-Defence Training of the adolescent girls. We also issue Certificates as a token of recognition for their achievement as well as a booster to their self-confidence. The confidence levels of the adolescent girls and their presence of mind to deal with critical situations are expected to increase with the self-defence training. The self-defence training programme is a highly welcome programme by the adolescent girls and their parents. Youth passing out of matriculation and intermediate examinations are included in Career Guidance Workshops so that they have information about various courses, universities, job opportunities, eligibility and other requirements. Children are encouraged to surf and find more options as well. There is more demand for Career Guidance Workshop from youth who could not attend the workshop.

Alumina get-together is a new initiative at the project level to connect continuously with the pervious students of our SECs and our Computer Centre. This would provide a great opportunity to know where and what our previous learners and engaged in. This also helps in getting them connected to the social activities of NESWSD still continuing in their localities. The young learners who have passed out from our centres are a good support at the local level for further interventions.